Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aden Starts School

Aden had his first day of school yesterday. It is a preschool that specializes in children with speech delays. We are very excited about it. It starts at 8:30 (and is a half an hour away), so I made sure to get everything ready the night before since my kids don't usually wake up until 8am. Since we had to leave by then I knew it would be a little bit of a challenge. What I didn't plan for was the unexpected 4-6 inches on snow with no snow plows out. It took us an hour to get there even though I actually made it out the door "on time" amazingly enough. Thank goodness we didn't get stuck in the horrendous traffic going the other direction. Bryant and Chase were either sad to leave Aden or disappointed they couldn't stay. We went to Target instead since that was as far as well could get in the 2 1/2 hours we had before picking up Aden again. All in all Aden did really well. Hopefully he will progress faster with the one on one help. We'll keep everyone updated. 

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun new blog

My sister in law told me about this great blog. It is They have lots of fun things but the best is the wonderful giveaways. The current one is a double stroller from Bumbleride. Those of you in the market for a stroller should check it out. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's Eve: Don't try this at home

We had a great New Year's Eve get together with our friends Ginger and Elliot Parker. As part of our festivities I (Bill speaking) decided that it would be really fun to stand out in the cold and launch a rocket to welcome in the New Year. Sounds innocuous, right?

Not really. You see, this wasn't just any rocket. This was a homemade rocket. The problem with store bought rockets is that you put a rocket engine inside of a rocket and then you launch it. Not a problem in the daylight because you can see where it's going and get it back. But if you want to launch the rocket at night to celebrate the New Year, then you won't be able to see the rocket land. It seems like a big waste to put together a rocket just to lose it. So I came up with a brilliant idea--why don't I just slap fins and a nose cone onto the rocket engine itself? I can just skip the rocket part altogether and just launch the engine. Genius. You may be asking yourself, "why haven't I ever seen a rocket like that before?" You may also notice that NASA has never done this either. Read on to find out why.

Armed with my brilliant idea, I made a small A class rocket to see what would happen. For those of you who aren't rocket nerds, an A class rocket is about the size of a chapstick container and only has about a half an inch of solid rocket fuel. These little guys only launch about 300 feet in the air when done correctly. After completing a successful launch of my A class test rocket it would be time to scale up the experiment. Now this is where I see that in hindsight I show a little lapse in judgement.

When I say "scale up the experiment," I'm not joking. I bought E class rockets. Again, for those of you who are not rocket nerds, an E class rocket is about the size of a roll of quarters with about 4 inches of solid rocket fuel. Still, that doesn't seem very big, but let me quote what the back of the box says about E class rockets. In the United States you "must be 18 to purchase in CA and NJ" and in Canada these rockets "may not be sold to a person under 18 years of age." The warning on the back of the box goes on to caution "do not launch model rockets in a manner that would endanger flying aircraft." You get the idea. These rockets are meant to go about a mile high. I thought that would make for a pretty cool nighttime launch and a great way to blast into the New Year.

The problem is, during my small scale launch the A class rocket went about 20 feet in the air, lost all of its fins and nose cone, spun around our heads shooting sparks everywhere, and crashed somewhere in the back yard. This is when NASA scientists go back to the drawing board, analyze what went wrong during the launch, reconfigure the rocket, and try again. But I didn't have that kind of time. I did my test launch at 10:30 p.m. and I didn't have time to reengineer a rocket in an hour and a half.

So, onward and upward, as they say. Except, this rocket didn't really go up. The first video is the setup, and the second is the actual launch. As you will see by this video, homemade rockets can be fairly dangerous.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Happy New Year

Bill speaking here: One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be much better about updating our blog.  We're also planning to expand the focus of the blog--instead of just updating family and friends about what's going on, we're also going to use our blog as a way to document the past.  You may see some stories about how Sarah and I met, or how I proposed, or what it was like to find out that we were having triplets.  I hope that including those things will make our blog much more exciting and it will give us things to write about even when nothing exciting is going on in our day to day lives.  

Also, another goal of mine is to learn how to make our blog a lot cooler.  It's pretty boring right now, so I'm going to try to learn how to spice things up a bit.  So, here's to a Happy New Year and some great blogging.  Hope you enjoy.    

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dirty Faces

Do your kids ever look like this? Having multiples I try very hard to prevent my kids from ever having fun that could end in a mess for me to clean up, but every once in a while my husband convinces me to let it go.....ok I am not that bad, this may have even been my idea. These are pictures of them actually getting spaghetti with sauce instead of the normal plain spiral noodles as well as the after effect of playing in the sandbox while it is raining (in our pajamas I might add..atleast then I only have to change them once).

Bill's Sesame Street Pumpkins

Bill speaking: I have to admit that every Halloween one of my favorite things to do is carve pumpkins. Every year I try to beat last year's showing.

This year I wanted to do something that the boys would recognize so I decided to do Sesame Street. You can tell which ones I started with and which ones I finished with. The pumpkins that are supposed to be Ernie and Grover could be anyone, really. Those two, along with Bert, are only recognizable because they're sitting in a group of Sesame Street Pumpkins. But I'm pretty proud of my Oscar, Big Bird, Count Dracula, and Elmo. After I got the hang of it with the first three I grabbed some of the boys books and carved a little more convincing likenesses of the other characters.

The real story behind the pumpkin carving is the injuries I sustained while carving. Hollowing out 7 pumpkins by yourself tends to give you cramps for a few days. I also stabbed myself (twice) with the carving knife (no safety tipped knives for this carving professional), and ended up shoving pumpkin under my thumbnail about 1/4 inch. I also burned myself multiple times on multiple nights lighting the pumpkin's candles. You wouldn't think that those kinds of injuries would be possible carving pumpkins, but somehow I found a way.

Lastly, the reason that I am even writing this post is because Sarah doesn't like carving pumpkins or anything related thereto. I'm surprised I was even able to convince her to let me buy 7 pumpkins. She didn't really help me carry them from the field to the Pumpkin Train, from the Pumpkin Train to the car, from the car to the house, or from the house to the table to be carved. I hollowed out the pumpkins by myself, cleaned up the mess, carved the pumpkins, set them out in the front yard, took all of the pictures, and took them in at night. Did I mention that all Sarah was doing was taking care of the kids? Pretty weak excuse to get out of carving pumpkins if you ask me. Oh, and she also is reminding me that she cleaned the house while I was carving. Still, pretty weak excuse. I wonder what it will be next year. I'm sure she'll come up with something equally lame.

Haunted House Creation

My wonderful visiting teacher Connie gave us a haunted house kit. As you can tell, we had lots of fun putting it together. I think the boys ate more candy than they actually put on the house.